Portraits from Bohemia and Moravia

54 portraits of Munich photographer Petra Flath

For this exhibition the Munich photographer Petra Flath took black-and-white photographs of 54 people originally from Bohemia, Moravia and Sudeten-Silesia. Some of them are famous, many have worked to promote German-Czech understanding in their professional lives, others in their private lives.

Artists, entrepreneurs, writers, scientists, politicians, folklorists, priests or journalists: Who are these Sudeten German, Czech and Jewish women and men from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, who had the courage after decades of political isolation and personal separation to reopen difficult conversations, to make forgotten knowledge accessible again, to build up new friendships and work for a new atmosphere of confidence and trust?

Every photograph is accompanied by a short biography, a concise quote and the handwriting of the depicted person.

The exhibition includes portraits of the following people: Jaromír Boháč, Johann Böhm, Oskar Böse, Hellmut Bornemann, Toman Brod, František Černý, Barbara Coudenhove-Kalergi , Bohumil Doležal, Helena Faberová, Hugo Fritsch, Jiří Gruša, Widmar Hader, Peter Härtling, Gudrun Heißig, Johanna von Herzogenberg, Milan Horáček , Hellmut Karasek, Ferdinand Graf Kinský, Tomáš Kosta, Jan Křen, Kurt Krolop, Franz Peter Künzel, Peter Kurzeck, Markus Lüpertz, Max Mannheimer, Franz Olbert, Anton Otte, Marianne Passetti, Walter Piverka, Vilém Prečan, Petr Příhoda, František Radkovský, Lida Rakušanová, Peter Rath, Günther Reichert, Rosina Reim, Erwin Scholz, Eduard Schreiber, Lore Schretzenmayer, Harro Senft, Olga Sipp, Josef Škrábek, Ivan Steiger, Oldřich Stránský, Horst Teltschik, Ilse Tielsch, Petr Uhl, Bedřich Utitz, Věra Vohlídalová, Alena Wagnerová, Angelus Waldstein, Fritz Wittmann, Barbara von Wulffen, Zdeněk Zvolský


Anna Knechtel M.A.,, Phone number +49 89/62 27 16-30

Practical information

54 enlarged portraits, plate format 75 x 115 cm; laminated on Aludibond 4 mm, with a UV protective film

Individual packaging for 2 enlargements: 90 x 120 cm, total length of the stacked packaging 4.50 m

The photographs are hung from the back from 10 x 10 cm hooks on panels (2 per picture)

Nylon rope with loops for hanging: 2 pieces per picture

Please note: Please only touch the photographs with cotton gloves!


The exhibition is entirely in German and Czech.

Promotional material

Posters (A1 format) and Info-posters (42 x 118 cm) available on request. Bilingual catalogue with all portraits and short biographies, 118 pages, €10.

Terms and costs

Borrowing the exhibition is free of charge. The borrower bears all expenses (transport to and from Munich, assembly of the exhibition, invitations, opening ceremony, insurance, dismantling the exhibition, packaging). The borrower pays for the travel and accommodation costs of an Adalbert Stifter Association employee who sets up the exhibition. The borrower is obliged to mark the exhibition as an exhibition by the Adalbert Stifter Association. The borrower can ask for posters free of charge and cover the old dates with current dates. A contract is made for each loan.


The boxes with the exhibits are to be transported upright. For transport a big car or a delivery van is needed.

Liability and insurance

The insurance value of each photograph is €260. The total value of the exhibition is €14,000. Insurance is recommended.

Previous locations of the exhibitions

Munich, exhibition opening (2011)

Düsseldorf (2012)

Bautzen (2012)

Regensburg (2013)

Reinersdorf/Rýnovice (2015)

Reichenberg/Liberec (2015)

Prague (2015)

Brno (2016)

Komotau/Chomutov (2016/2017)

Schönsee (2019)

Speinshart (2019)



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