Scholarships since 1990


Tina Stroheker (Eislingen) für ihr Buch über die tschechische Dissidentin, Germanistin und Übersetzerin Hana Jüptnerová mit dem Titel Hana oder Das böhmische Geschenk. Ein Album (Stuttgart: Kröner Verlag 2021)

Tereza Vokurková (Prag) für ihr Buch Gärten und Parks der Industriellen in der Region Liberec/Reichenberg

Johann Wellner (Regensburg) für sein sprachwissenschaftliches Dissertationsprojekt Vom Künischen ins Karpatische


David Bauer, Kateřina Marečková und Ludwig Thanhäuser (alle Berlin) für ihr Forschungsprojekt Atomic Urbanism über die Ursprünge des Atomzeitalters im deutsch-tschechischen Grenzgebiet des Erzgebirges/Krušnohoří

Hans Toman (Schleswig) für sein historisches Romanprojekt Böhmische Lebensfreude im Taunus

Frank Sauer (München) für die Inszenierung und Aufführung seiner Spiel-Musik-Multimedia-Performance in fünf Akten Im Altvaterberg im Rahmen des Festivals Im Zentrum/V centru im Altvatergebirge/Jeseníky

David Vaughan (Prag) für sein Ausstellungsprojekt über die böhmisch-jüdische Familie Wels mit dem Titel Keine Nacht so dunkel


Alice Horáčková (Prague) for her family saga about the Sudeten-German Hollmann family from the Giant Mountains

Margarete Sedlmeyer (Munich / Linz) for the publication of an anthology of the work of Karl Franz Leppa

Elisa Garrett (Bayreuth) for her dissertation “Der pictoriale Raum. Bildpoetik und Pistorialismus in der Biedermeierliteratur: Zugänge zum novellistischen Werk von Stifter, Grillparzer und Hebbel "

Florian Stocker (Oxford) for his dissertation „‚Da fügte es der Himmel oder der Zufall‘. Religiöses Wissen im Werk Adalbert Stifters“ (Religious knowledge in Adalbert Stifters' work)


Luděk Němec (Dolní Třebonín/Unterbreitenstein) for his book "History of České Žleby (in Šumava) and its inhabitants"

Michael Watzka (Berlin) for his dissertation "Ivan Blatný: the translation of selected poems".

Samantha Wehr (Vienna) for her thesis "The second generation tells - descendants of displaced Sudeten Germans in Austria on displacement, homeland and identity"

Niklas Zimmermann (Munich) for his dissertation "Displaced Catholics between 'Sudeten German Ethnic Group' and German-Czech Understanding"


Jan Jindra (Zlín) for his photo project "Inner Landscapes" about places where Rainer Maria Rilke worked. Creation of an exhibition and a photo book in collaboration with the translator Alena Bláhová

Lena Scheidig (Leipzig) for her dissertation “Mythopology of a ‘Magic’ City. Prague and its narrative - from the turn of the century to the present”

Marta Škubalová (Prague) for her dissertation "Who is without a sin, should throw the first stone” about the motive of guilt in "displacement literature"

Václav Smyčka (Prague) for his dissertation Expulsion in the German and Czech culture of remembrance


Maren Hachmeister, Munich, for her dissertation project “Self-Organization in Socialism: The Red Cross in Poland and Czechoslovakia (1945–1989)”

Alžběta Peštová, Olomouc, for her dissertation project on literary Moravian modernity

Sara-Marie Plekat, Berlin, for her oral history project “My Memories of Haberschie by Herbert Grund”

David Vondráček, Fahrenzhausen, for his dissertation project “Jaroslav Ježek (1906–1942). Between avant-garde and jazz”


Mirzali Akbarov, Tashkent, for the translation of Adalbert Stifter's texts (aphorisms and quotes) into Uzbek

Claudia Behn, Jena, for her dissertation on the “Collector of Egerland Songs Albert Brosch”

Jan Hon, Munich, for his dissertation “Translation and Poetics. The German prose novel in the mirror of early modern Czech translations”

Markus Stadtrecher, Augsburg, for his dissertation on “The Catholic Church and the integration of displaced persons, using the example of the diocese of Augsburg”


Katharina Aubele, Munich, for her dissertation “Worlds of imagination and political engagement of displaced women in the early years of the Federal Republic of Germany”

Boris Blahak, Prague, for his dissertation on regionalisms in Franz Kafka's German

Radka Nováková, Písek, for her thesis on the development of methods of translation, using the example of translations of the short story The High Forest by Adalbert Stifter

Veronika Schmeer, Nürnberg, for her dissertation – the production of the Eerie. Prague as a topos in pictures and text. Modernist book illustrations from Prague from 1914–25.


Petr Bergmann, Braunau/Broumov in Eastern Bohemia, for his publication of The Broumov Land in Historical Illustrations (between 1740 and 1945)

Julia Hadwiger, Prague, for her dissertation project How fast evening can enter a soul ... about the life and work of the Prague poet Victor Hadwiger

Ulrike Robeck, Kaarst, for her book project with studies on Egon Erwin Kisch's Marketplace of Sensations


Bärbel Haage, Naundorf bei Ortrand, for her short film project “Sandmann im Bienenhaus”

Katrin Rast, Weiden, for her dissertation In the Service of Three Emperors, on Johann Heinrich Notthaft, Count of Wernberg (1604–1665)

Salko Šarić, Mostar, for the Bosnian edition of stories by the German-Bohemian writer Robert Michel

Hedvig Ujvári, Budapest, for her publication Writers and Publishers. The relationship between Adalbert Stifter and Gustav Heckenast as seen through their letters


Hans Michael Földeak, Berlin, for his architectural and cultural-historical project Border Towns/Villages in Maria Schein/Bohosudov

Sally Gomaa, Cairo, for her dissertation The representation of nature in the literary and painted work of Adalbert Stifter

Blanka Konvalinková, Liberec, for the publication Jizerské květy (Flowers from Jizera Mountains), an anthology of German-speaking authors from the 19th and 20th centuries from the area of Gablonz/Jablonec and Semil/Semily, through the Scientific District Library

Jitka Nešporová, Prague, for her dissertation Ludvík Kundera as a translator


Manfred Knedlik, Neumarkt, for his dissertation project on the cantor, private teacher and bookseller Clemens Stephani (1530–1592)

Ines Koeltzsch, Berlin, for the anthology Translators between Cultures, on the Prague publicist Pavel Eisner (1889-1958)

Rolf Paschel, Kassel, for his non-fiction book Heirs to the Expulsion, on the experiences of the grandchildren of Sudeten Germans and Czechs and their common past

Stefan Johann Schatz, Munich, for his thesis School systems in the fight for national traditions. Promotion, strengthening and expansion of the German primary school system in the region Jihlava, 1939–1941


Susanne Greiter, Eitensheim, for her dissertation What remains? Flight and displacement in the memory of Sudeten German families

Petr Karliček, Ústí nad Labem, for his dissertation project Political Caricature in the Territory of Czechoslovakia

Kateřina Kovačková, Pilsen, for her dissertation project on Sudeten German literature

Lisa Peschel, Silverspring (MD), for the translation of German theater texts from Theresienstadt into English: Arthur Engländer: The Treasure; Walter Freud: Purim Game; Hans Hofer: Satirical Songs; Georg Kafka: The Death of Orpheus


Elvira Auer, Munich, for research and translations of her photo book project Fairytale Yesterday. Fateful Today. Searching for traces in North Moravian Silesia

Radek Malý, Olomouc, for research on the lyrical work of the anarchist German-speaking poet Hugo Sonnenschein, called Sonka (1889–1953) and translations of his poems into Czech

Thomas Raff, Munich, for the publication (with commentaries) of letters by simplicissimus artist Thomas Theodor Heine (1867–1948) to the painter and writer Alfred Kubin (1877–1959), who was born in Leitmeritz/Litoměřice.

Jiří Riezner, Březina near Moravská Třebová, for his research project on the Evangelical community in the Gotschdorf/Hošťálkovy and the parish of Hillersdorf/Holčovice: changing history of a diaspora in Silesia


Sabina Becker, Freiburg, for the academic anthology Order - Space - Ritual. Adalbert Stifter's artificial realism

Kateřina Šidlofová-Záhorová, Liberec, for the publication of the literary almanac Jeschkenblumen with a selection of German fiction from Ještěd and the Jizera Mountains in German and Czech translation

Filippo Nereo, Manchester, for his dissertation on the German minority on the “Language Island of Wischau”

Meike Christina Wiehl, Karlsruhe, for her dissertation on Adalbert Stifter as a teacher. His ideas for education and the attempt to implement them in his time working as a school inspector (1850-1865)


Doris Liebermann, Berlin, for her biography about the Prague psychiatrist and publicist Petr Příhoda

Michaela Peroutková, Prague, for her dissertation Literary and Oral Stories about the Displacement. A German-Czech Comparison

Jutta Reisinger-Weber, Niedernhausen, for her thesis on the woodcarver IP and his environment

Stefan Zwicker, Mainz, for his work on Football and nationality-conflicts in the Czech lands and Upper Silesia


Hana Myslivečková, Olomouc, for her publication on artistically significant gravestones from the Renaissance period in Moravia

Sonja Poll, Vienna, and Helmut Stabe, Halle, for the design and editing of Adalbert Stifter's story Der Waldsteig as a special edition

Antonio Roselli, Munich, for his thesis on Adalbert Stifter's novel Der Nachsommer

Petra Trnková, Humpolec, for her dissertation on the German amateur photography movement in Bohemia and Moravia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries


The citizen-association Oberplan/Horní Planá for the repair of the Adalbert-Stifter-Park at Gutwasserberg/Dobrá Voda in Oberplan/Horní Planá

Silvia Eckert-Wagner, Pöttmes, for her book Mendel and his legacy

Christian Minet, Dorfen, for his thesis Natural stone inside the Tepl monastery

Tazuko Takebayashi, Erlangen, for her dissertation The German, Czech and Jewish in German-language literature from Prague


Stefanie Gerzer, Munich, for her thesis Kaadener Grün, Green earth from western Bohemia

Martin Hanáček, Ivanovice na Hané, for his thesis The “Language Island of Wischau “

from settlement to expulsion

Eva Hrdinová, Olomouc, for her dissertation on the Moravian poet, translator and publisher Otto Franz Babler

Lukáš Novotný, Pilsen, for his thesis Cultural life of the German minority in the Czech Republic, using the example of the region of West Bohemia


Student-group Antikomplex - Movement against Xenophobia, Prague, for their exhibition Vanished Sudetenland about the Bohemian landscape today and yesterday

Ilse von zur Mühlen, Munich, for the examination and organization of the Bratmann Collection

Aleš Seifert, Brno, for his dissertation on Reichsgau museums in Opava, Liberec, Prachatice and Znojmo 1938–45

Jens Wonneberg, Dresden, for his dissertation Bohemian authors in Dresden


Michaela Koubová, Prachatice, for her thesis on the history of the Passion Play in Höritz/Hořice

Susanne Lang-Greve, Eislingen, for her work on the Mühlberger estate

Jan Pařez, Prague, for his research on changes in the cultural landscape of South Bohemia

David Pruša, Prague, for the documentary Babička je Oma about an 80-year-old Sudeten German from Rudná


Albrecht Hausmann, Heidelberg, for his research on unknown medieval manuscripts in the archive of the capital city of Prague as part of the project Repertory of Medieval German-Language Literature in Eastern Europe

Petra Hörner, Leipzig, for her project on the treatment of German-Czech conflicts in the German-language literature of Bohemia and Moravia

Hana Kočandrlová, Sokolov, for her work The Image of Baron Trenck and his Pandoures in Eastern Bavaria

Jörg Krappmann, Hof, for his research work at the Institute for German Studies at the University of Olomouc


Katharina Eisch, Frauenau, for the preparation of a study on the remaining Germans in Šumava

Václav Maidl, Prague, for the creation of an anthology of German-speaking storytellers from Šumava

Harald Tesan, Erlangen, for a study of the fine arts in Prague 1907-1938 with special attention to the contribution of German artists and their interaction with Czech artists


Igor Fogaš, Brno, for the restoration of paintings by the German-Moravian painter Josef Roller

Milan Kníže, Budweis / České Budějovice, for research on his thesis German Photography in Bohemia between the World Wars

Jan Kvapil, Český Brod, for his work on places of pilgrimage in northwest Bohemia and the German sermon literature


Comenius Foundation, Prague, for the renovation of the Renaissance organ in the village church in Skytaly in western Bohemia

Björn Steinz for his work as a photographer, especially in the field of documentary photography


Joseph Berlinger, Regensburg, for his film project about Alfred Kubin

Stefan Braun, Siegen, for his dissertation The Everyday Life of Adalbert Stifter

Barbara Mikuda-Hüttel, Scharfbillig, for her work Iconography of St. Joseph in the 17th and 18th centuries focusing on the Czech lands

Jenny Schon, Berlin, for her project about the sculptor Emil Schwandtner


Alena Bláhová, Prague, for her services as a translator of literature

Stefan Pontz, Hutthurm, for his research on Jacobus Gallus and his work on the Sudeten German Music Encyclopaedia

Libor Šturc, Znojmo, for his thesis on Hugo Lederer

Markus Weber, Mannheim, for his dissertation on Paul Kornfeld


Jiří Bock, Liberec, for his study on the settlement (Besiedlung) of the Trautenau/Trutnov district

Thomas Englberger, Diessen, for the creation of a catalogue of the work of the Sudeten German composer Rudolf Leberl

Peter Lozoviuk, Prague, for his work on Groups of emigrants from Bohemia and Moravia

Albin Sättler, Munich, to support his artistic work


Martin Knechtel, Daun, for his work on the musical life of Germans in Ústí nad Labem 1918-1938

Elisabeth Schwarm, Kiel, for her dissertation on the Pirna School of Sculpture and its connection with Bohemia around 1600

Wolfgang Seierl, Salzburg, for his artistic achievements

Tomáš Staněk, Ostrava, for his research on the expulsion of Germans


Franz Adam, Munich, for his thesis on Adalbert Stifter

Ivan Binar, Prague, for the publication of the German-Czech Almanac


Paul Meßner, Weimar, for his libretto for the opera Wallenstein by the Brno composer Theodor Hlouschek

Gert Schäl, Regensburg, for his artistic collaboration on various exhibitions

Erwin Tramer for his literary work


Michael Berger, Berlin, for his research on Josef Mühlberger

Jiří Fajt, Prague, for his work on stone sculpture in Bohemia in the Middle Ages

Kurt Krolop, Prague, for his research on Prague German literature

Dora Müller, Brno, for her commitment to preserving German cultural life in Brno


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