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In cooperation with research institutions in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria, the Adalbert Stifter Association is interested in the cultural history of the Czech lands, paying particular attention to German cultural traditions and their interaction with Czech culture. Current projects include research on culture during National Socialism (1938–1945) and German-language literature from the Czech lands.

Handbook to German literature in Prague and the Czech Lands

Edited by Peter Becher, Steffen Höhne, Jörg Krappmann and Manfred Weinberg

The handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the literature of this Central European region and its development since the Enlightenment. It deals with the genesis, development, transformation and the impact of the German-language literature of the Czech lands as well as the hierarchies and stereotypes that influence the image of this literature to this day. It challenges previous conceptualizations, which assumed a strict separation of Prague literature from so-called Sudeten German literature. Instead, the manual embraces the complexity in the relationships between German, Jewish, Czech and Habsburg literature and culture. Specifically, this means: understanding Prague, Bohemia, Moravia and Sudeten Silesia as a diverse region, observing the exchange processes within it, not ignoring the Czech-language literature in this area and, last but not least, also perceiving the communication processes of this region with other regions.

Stuttgart: J. B. Metzler 2017

445 pages, €69,95, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-476-02579-1


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