Exhibition details

Posters from the Terezín Ghetto

Culture and Art in Terezín 1941-45

The exhibition displays posters made by prisoners of the so-called Terezín Ghetto, which was in reality a concentration camp, inviting people to operas, cabarets, classical and modern concerts, choir concerts and academic talks. Although they languished in inhumane conditions and although their situation was without hope, the prisoners found time and strength to get involved in cultural activities. In this way, face to face with death, they showed their protest against dehumanisation.  For the first time posters in German from the so-called Herman Collection of Terezín could be exhibited, with the help of the historian Dr. Rudolf Wlaschek, Mönchengladbach.


Anna Knechtel M.A.

Form and measurements of the exhibition pieces

35 unframed carton-panels, 80 x 60 cm with affixed coloured reproductions, including 4 text-panels


The labels are in German, with short explanations for individual posters

Advertising material

Press releases

Recommended literature: Wlaschek, Rudolf: Art and Culture in Terezín

Introductory speech by a member of the Adalbert Stifter Association

The digital exhibition

Exhibition as PDF (download)

Previous locations of the exhibitions

Since the opening of the exhibition on the 27th February 2003 in the Alfred Kubin Gallery in the Sudeten-German-House, Munich, the exhibition has been in:

Furth im Wald 2003

Herrsching/Ammersee 2004

Merzdorf-Memmelsdorf/Lower Franconia, the Old Synagogue 2009


The exhibition-posters are stored in several big-format cardboard folders and can be transported horizontally.

Insurance value

Each board € 50

Renting conditions

The exhibition can be hired following consultation with a representative of the Adalbert Stifter Association and the signing of an agreement on the renting of the exhibition. Usually, the exhibition can be picked up in Munich and brough back to Munich when it is over. The person hiring the exhibition must insure it for this entire period. The insurance value is €1,700.


Renting the exhibition is free of charge. The expenses for transport, insurance, event-posters and invitations, the assembling and dismantling of the exhibition, as well as the potential travel costs and accommodation costs of a member of the Adalbert Stifter Association (for the introductory speech) are the responsibility of the organisers. Special arrangements apply after consultation with the Adalbert Stifter Association and after their inclusion in the contract on the renting of the exhibition.



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